Woodchucks, aka Groundhogs, can be very problematic to homeowners and gardeners. They are notorious for stealing crops out of gardens and can quickly ruin an entire garden. Other times, they burrow under sheds and decks and large burrows can create problems for the foundation. They also create problems on farm land as farm equipment can get damaged running over their mounds. Woodchuckscan also be dangerous to pets when cornered, and can leave nasty bites.

We are able to help you with your woodchuck problem by trapping and removing the woodchucks and by offering advice or doing repairs and preventions to help keep them and other animals from making a home in the woodchuck’s old burrow.

Affordable Animal Control can live trap your woodchucks/groundhogs in and around Grand Rapids, MI and remove them so they are no longer causing damage at your home or business.

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