What animals or pest are you having trouble with?

Woodchucks -  These medium sized mammals can be quite destructive to your property. They will dig holes and tunnel under sheds, decks, houses, or just around the yard. These holes can cause foundations to settle and allow entry to crawl spaces for other animals that may be even more destructive. Holes around the yards and property can also spell trouble for ankles on you and your pets.

Raccoons - These are one of those furry critters that are very cute to most and might seem quite harmless. However, they can be very destructive to homes and businesses and the damage they cause can be very costly. Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies and their feces often contains roundworms. They are also one of the most common carriers of rabies. They can also carry distemper and mange.

Squirrels - These cute creatures can cause damage to your attic. The most common to cause problems are the Fox, Gray, Flying, and Red squirrels. Squirrels can carry fleas and ticks so it is important to keep pets away from them.  They can also be a fire hazard, they love chewing on wires and can cause power outages or worse.

Mice - Mice can be easy to identify as there are several ways to notice their presence. Mice leave droppings near runways and their feeding areas. They leave tracks with their feet and tail, their urine can be seen with a UV light, and you will be able to hear them. Mice will make gnawing noises, along with the sounds of them climbing in walls or running. There are many diseases that mice can transmit to humans. They also can carry several parasites.

Birds - Birds carry many diseases and their nest do also. Birds and bird nests can cause mold problems and there is always bacteria in their nests and often fungi growing too. Similarly to bat guano, you can contract histoplasmosis if you inhale spores in the air from the nests.


 - These water dwelling rodents can destroy lawns near water, tunnel under docks and sea walls collapsing foundations, and leave dropping on docks, boats and lawns.

Skunks- Skunks can be hazardous to any property for one OBVIOUS reason. Pets, kids, or you could accidentally be sprayed in a surprise encounter. Skunks can also cause damage to your yard while foraging for grubs, digging up grass in the process. They can also be carriers of several diseases. Did your dog or yourself get sprayed by a skunk? Here is a recipe to help get the smell out.

Beavers - Beavers are another water loving rodent, the muskrat's bigger cousin...it can also cause much bigger damage! From flooding streets and properties, to crushing cars and houses with trees.

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