Skunk Removal -

We can remove skunks from your property so they won't be a nuisance with their digging or by spraying your pets.

Skunks are primarily nocturnal. They prefer to hunt at night for grubs, insects, and other food items. In urban areas, they eat pet food, garbage, and vegetables from gardens. Skunks like poultry and eggs and may raid chicken coops.

Skunks carry several types of diseases and parasites. Skunks carry rabies and other diseases and parasites such as distemper, mange, fleas, ticks, lice, roundworms and tapeworms.

Skunks damage gardens and lawns while hunting for insects and worms. Skunks make V-shaped digs when they search for grubs and insects in the lawn. All skunks have the ability to discharge a nauseating musk from their anal glands. They can spray their musk several times with accuracy to about 11 feet.

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Skunks can be fairly inactive during some winters, however they will still come out of their hidings places during late winter for their mating season. Often times in February you'll start to smell skunk and that is a good sign that mating season has begun.

Affordable Animal Control can humanely live trap your skunks in and around Grand Rapids, MI or Kalamazoo, MI and remove them so they are no longer causing damage or stink at your home or business.

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Removing skunk smell. Check out the recipe we use to remove skunk odor.

Skunk odor removing recipe.

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