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In Michigan, there are two types of mice that will commonly make your home their own. They are the house mouse and the deer mouse. Mice are always looking for food and shelter (especially when it's cold) and will enter homes and businesses through very small holes. Mice can produce at a remarkable rate and can have up to 10 litters a year!

Mice are fairly easy to identify as there are several ways to notice their presence. Mice leave droppings near runways and where they eat. They leave tracks with their feet and tail, their urine can be seen with a UV light, and you will be able to hear them. Mice will make gnawing noises, along with the sounds of them climbing in walls or running in your attic. Often times, the loud sounds in your attic that sound like a much larger mammal are mice with the noise echoing around.

Mice can spread several diseases. Below are just a few:

Ringworm: Humans can contract ringworm directly from mice or from a pet that got it from a mouse.
Salmonella: Mice running across countertops and in kitchen cabinets can transmit Salmonella
Tapeworms: Tapeworms can be spread in mouse droppings
Dermatitis: The mites that live on mice can transmit dermatitis.
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS): Can be transmitted through mouse urine and feces.

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Mice will get into stored food and can cause a great amount of contamination. They can also cause a considerable amount of damage to items stored in garages, sheds, and attics including urine staining.

Michigan's winters always tend to come with mouse problems. If you have a mice or other rodents, call Affordable Animal Control at 616-965-5494. Affordable Animal Control can do an inspection, remove the mice or other rodents, and prevent future infestations.

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