A little about Moles

Mole damage is more visible during the Fall and Spring especially after rain and damp days. Moles have a much easier time pushing up tunnels and mounds in the soft ground.

Moles can quickly cause extensive damage to any yard causing hundreds of dollars of damage. Moles, though small, are excellent diggers. They can dig tunnels at an average rate of 17 feet per hour. In the process of tunneling, moles ruin roots. The tunnels they create can promote weed growth, affect the yield of crops, and damage a healthy green lawn. Mole tunnels can also serve as homes to mice, voles, snakes and other critters you may not want on your property.

Mole Control, Mole Removal, Mole Damage
Mole Removal, Mole Control, Vole Removal

We use scissor style traps to catch and kill moles as it is both environmentally safe and safe around kids and pets. For some yards, several other options may be available as well. Call us at the first sign of mole damage to prevent further damage to your lawn.

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We also offer seasonal pricing and neighbors discounts. We will work with you to provide the best plan for your yard.