We'll Help YouGet Rid of Your Pest Birds! Call for fast bird removal.

With Summer weather here in West Michigan, birds are taking up home in your home. You may think its simply annoying, but birds can quickly cause a lot of damage. If you notice birds getting in to your home, call us at 616-965-5494 for an inspection, removal, and repair. We can get the birds out of your house and patch holes or cover vents to prevent them getting back in.

Birds carry many diseases and their nests do as well. Birds and bird nests can cause mold problems and there is always bacteria in their nests and often fungi growing. You don't want mold and bacteria moving around every time you turn on the bathroom vent. Similarly to bat guano, you can contract histoplasmosis if you inhale spores in the air from the nests. For this reason, you should leave bird exclusion and nest removal to a professional.

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Sparrows, pigeons, and starlings are the three most common birds to cause problems in West Michigan. Starlings, in particular, make very large messy nests in attics and vents. If you want to use your bathroom exhaust fan again, be sure to have the bird nests taken out of them.

Call Affordable Animal Control at 616-965-5494, to get an inspection and have your bird problems taken care of.

Don't have birds yet but need help preventing them? We can help bird proof your home also.

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